Extend Astro Syntax Highlighting

Astro + Shiki is a heavenly combo. The out-of-the-box integration saves us a ton of time setting up the highlighter and it is pretty easy to override the list of languages to highlight, but what if we want to extend this list instead?

Automatic HTTPS for private resources with Caddy

Why self-sign when you can pull TLS Certs from a Certificate Authority? Let's see how Caddy can help you add Automatic HTTPS for your private resources.

Updating multiple database records (with independent data) in a single query

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is possible, and I can tell you how 😉

Integrating Tinkerwell with GNOME

Looking for a way to integrate Tinkerwell in your Application Menu? Well, let me teach you how to do it!

Setting up Laravel applications with Caddy 2

Managing web servers can be kind of tricky, and with an increasing number of applications in one server, managing all of their configuration files can start to feel like a burden...

Implementing Dark color scheme with TailwindCSS

Dark mode has been a hot topic in the UX land for quite some time, and it recently blew up with its official implementation in major Operating Systems during the last few months...

Who am I?

Hello World! This will be, in my opinion, the very first obligated post that every blog could have...